Over the next few coming months, I have decided to undertake the 20 games or less challenge. It’s an opportunity and a challenge to re-create classic video games in increasing levels of complexity to learn how to develop and design video games.

But why

But why

Game design is somewhat of a passion of mine. As an avid D&D player and homebrewer, it is a thing I do fairly often. Game development, however, is a form of development that’s up there in terms of complexity and various clever hacks that are used to cut down on precious milliseconds. Learning and re-learning things in such a discipline is a way for every programmer to learn useful skills. For example, memory management and grouping of orders is not something that any of my colleagues have worried about before I taught them how to cut down on the execution time of some of our requests

The challenge itself is a fun thing that I discovered randomly on reddit and decided to undertake as I’ve always wanted to be more of a game developer, maybe even start my own studio, and I felt that my personal projects are lacking some of the pizzazz that are required from a game. That, and I frequently got stuck on things that should have been trivial.

Another great reason is to finally get into professional blogging, so here we are. I hope my journey through this development experience proves to be entertaining and at least somewhat educational. All games that I make will be open source and available to view on github and will be posted to itch.io. I am doing this to spread the knowledge I acquire, which is a thing that’s lacking for aspiring game developers, at least as far as I’ve seen